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Personal communications devices have made the use of touch screens second nature to consumers and Advent has added that convenience to our touch screen DVD headrest units _ one of many industry firsts from the design team at Advent.

This year is no exception as we follow the successful launch last year of FLO TV to the vehicle with the next logical step, which are FLO Ready systems. FLO Ready systems will allow you to control all the TV functions through the remote on the headrest second remote necessary for the TV second remote to worry about losing. FLO Ready allows for a seamless hook up that reduces installation time for the FLO TV module. Best of all is the competitive edge that this product gives FLO TV modules, FLO Ready headrests are available only through Advent the exclusive supplier of FLO TV products for the vehicle.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been juiced and is in tune with consumer preferences in software like bold fisheye graphics and color-coded icons to make setup and operation a breeze...and it comes complete with 30 pre-loaded games. It's not only easy to use; it has a high cool factor.

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